Ducting Specification Form

  • Your Company

  • Size

  • Nominal duct size (I.D.) of the connecting duct flange or Rectangular duct size (I.S. X I.S.) of the connecting duct flanges. (In Inches)
  • Stand off Height of Flange that the joint will attach to. (In Inches)
  • The space between the mating flanges. Referred to as "Neutral Length" (In Inches)
  • Indicate specific bolt pattern.
  • Media

  • Indicated chemical and if media is corrosive, abrasive, or viscous, explain in detail.
  • Temperature of Medium (F)
    Indicate both operating and maximum temperatures at the expansion joint

  • Indicated length of time.
  • Pressures

  • Operating Pressure
    Actual pressure in which the system operates in normal conditions . Indicate Positive (PSIG) or Negative (In/Hg)

  • Design Pressure
    Highest/most severe pressure expected during operation. Indicate Positive (PSIG) or Negative (In/Hg)

  • Movements

  • In inches as a result of pipe expansion.
  • In inches as a result of pipe contraction
  • In inches as a result of pipe offset after installation.