Why Proco


Largest Inventory in North America

With over $2,000,000 of finished goods stocked in our warehouse, you can be sure that we have your requirement in stock. Hundreds of styles/compounds/sizes up to 72" ID

Longest Business Day

Don't worry about times zones, just call! Daily hours are 5:30am to 5:15 pm PST to serve your requirements.

Quick Shipments

In stock items can ship in 1-2 days after receipt of order.

Interchange Guide

Now you can indentify competitive products. If it's a rubber expansion joint, it's listed in the PROCO Interchange Guide. We can offer an equivalent for your application. Write for your copy or you can access the guide from our web site.

Bar-Coded Computerized Inventory

When you call us, we can immediately advise you if your requirement is in stock or the specific day it's expected to be added to our inventory.

Toll-Free Phone Number

Check "price and delivery* by calling our toll-free phone number: USA/Canada (800) 344-3246

24-Hour Fax

Speedy delivery of your drawings, quote requests and other communications. Dial (209) 943-0242

No Switchboard - No Waiting

Our sales staff answers the phone - not operators or secretaries. We're ready to handle your requirement.

Trade Show support your sales activity

PROCO participates in a number of national shows annually, generating sales leads for you.

Emergency Service - Night, weekends, even holidays

When you have an emergency, simply dial 800-344-3246 - several personal numbers will be available from the recorder. We'll solve the problem!

24-Hour Phone Service

When we are closed, PROCO phones are monitored to accept your calls. Leave a message for priority service on the next working day.

Confirmed Quotations

We will confirm your request for "price and delivery" with a formal quotation documenting the discussion. The quotation is then saved in our system, making future order entry easy.

Short Production Time

Means you will receive your order faster. Our standard delivery schedule for non-stock products is four to six weeks. If you're in a jam, we can ship your order out in two weeks for an expedited fee.

Emergency Production

Tell us when you need the expansion joint. We'll meet your schedule! Expediting service available.

Tracking UPS Shipments

Our computer is linked to UPS allowing immediate tracking of your shipment. We can tell you exactly where the order is and when you will receive it.

Preselected Truck Routing

On your first call, we can advise names of carriers we normally ship with to minimize "interline transfer." No more delayed, lost or "best way" shipments.

Estimated Truck/UPS Rate

When you call, our computer can advise the estimated UPS or truck charge for your shipment. You will know your shipping costs in advance.

Product Submittal Drawings

Need a drawing? Drawings can be prepared same-day on most products. We'll assist you in preparing an impressive quotation for your customer.

Literature for the Engineer

Not just pretty pictures - the PROCO literature is jammed packed with charts, graphs and engineering data that answers questions and allows you to specify a product for your customers.


Day or night, we're ready to automatically receive your messages. Our address is [email protected]

Choice of Elastomers

Standard sizes are stocked in Butyl, EPDM, CSM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Natural Rubber and PTFE. Other elastomers available upon request. More importantly, the PROCO Chemical/Rubber Compatibility Guide will assist you in elastomer selection. Write for your copy or you can access the guide from our web site.

Experienced Sales Staff

With over 20 years average expansion joint experience, our excellent staff can answer questions and solve problems for you.

Order Status Report

Call and give us your Purchase Order No. or our Sales Order No. - our computer can instantly provide the status of your order, when it will be completed, or when and how it was shipped.

Fully Tooled

The most complete set of tooling in industry means that seldom will you or your customer be requested to "buy tooling."

Complete Product Line

If it's rubber / metal / plastic - we have it. Spool-type joints to 120" ID - molded, spherical, wide-arch, reducers, pipe penetration seals, unions, etc. - are all available. PROCO is a "one-call source" for your expansion joint requirements.

Standard "All-Service" Products

Much of our inventory is devoted to Chlorobutyl/Polyester products meeting FSA Standrd Class I, II and Special Class II. One product to perform many of our many customers' requirements!

Daily UPS Pick-Ups

At all of our warehouses. Airbill number given when you call. Next-day, Second-day, etc. - we're used to making expedited shipments!

Association Memberships

As the Number One supplier of expansion joints in North America, we're members of the Fluid Sealing Association - REJ Division, NAHAD, AWWA, WEF and CTI - your assurance that we manufacture to association standards thus certifying a quality product.

Financially Secure

Some competitors have closed, sold, merged, or liquidated in recent years. PROCO will be here tomorrow. Check our D & B Rating: Duns #11-509-0326.

Expansion Joint Specialists

Our time and attention is not diverted by having to sell lagging, belting or packings. Our reputation is based on being the authority on expansion joints and check valves. We'll solve your problems.

Written Return Goods Policy

Buy too much, wrong size, wrong type? Send it back, freight paid. No restock charge on "stock" merchandise returned with a replacement order. No replacement order requires a minimum 10% restocking charge. Non-stock or custom merchandise is not returnable.