Pen-Seal Link Sizing Calculator

The PROCO Pen-Seal Calculator calculates the number of penetration seal links and overall length for a pipe penetration seal passing through walls and/or floors.

To achieve a complete water-tight seal, enter in your Pipe O.D. (outside dimension) and your Penetration (inside dimension) I.D. to provide you with the required calculation from the PROCO penetration seal link chart.



Once you have calculated the correct size, contact us to receive your order, wrap the seal links in position around the pipe, tighten each penetration seal link and the job is complete.

See the video of how to make each link seal the wall or floor gap correctly.



The Proco PEN-SEAL Calculator can be used to calculate the number of seal links to create a high-quality wall / floor penetration seal for the following materials:

  • Standard weight steel, PVC and CPVC pipe
  • Ductile iron pipe (AWWA-type)
  • Copper tubing
  • Cast iron soil pipe (Extra heavy)
  • Cast iron soil pipe (Service weight)
  • Electrical metallic tubing (EMT)
  • Intermediate metal conduit (IMC)
  • Rigid steel conduit (RSC)
  • Steel wall sleeves

For detailed measurement of different pipe materials see the Seal Link Chart. You can also see more information about the features and benefits of the Proco Pen-Seal or download our brochure.

Find out more about how to properly install pipe penetration seals with professional tips from our experienced engineers here –

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You can use the PROCO Pen-Seal calculator tool on this page or download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store.