Pipe Penetration Seal

Proco’s pipe penetration seals have been designed to assist in achieving an efficient, low-cost mechanical seal between any electrical conduit, concrete, cast iron, steel, copper, or PVC / CPVC pipes passing through walls, floors, tanks, pipeline casings, cavities and vaults.

Our pipe penetration seal forms a mechanical rubber seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks, and pipeline casings and makes a gas tight and watertight seal between a pipe and a wall hole. It can also be used to seal a gap between an inner pipe and an outer pipe sleeve or pipeline casing, a gap between an electrical conduit and the outer conduit, or between electrical conduit and the wall hole it passes through.

All sizes have been tested to withstand a hydrostatic seal up to 20 psig or 40 feet of head pressure in addition to withstanding temperatures up to 250° F. The pipe seal standard elastomer material is EPDM, which is suitable for temperatures ranging from -40° F to 250° F. EPDM is suitable for most applications in water—above ground and direct burial – and will provide the electrical insulation where cathodic protection is required. Silicone material is also available for higher temperature applications up to 400° F.

Various applications for Proco Products pipe penetration seal:


Wall Sleeves Noise Dampener
Precast Concrete Water & Wastewater
Valve Pits Dual Containment Seal
Floor Sleeves Electrical Contractors
Mining HVAC
Offshore Oil Platforms Underground Steel Tanks
Interior Piping Coal Preparation Plants
Marine Pulp & Paper
Telecommunications Power Generation


See Proco PEN-SEAL specifications for various pipe sizes and materials


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