3DX Media – Online CAD Catalog

Proco Style 242 Figure 3Proco Products, Inc., is proud to announce that they are completing Solid Works modeling of their complete product line. Solid Works is the premier design software used by engineers to model parts. In conjunction with Solid Works, Proco has started integrating their complete line of designs onto 3DX Media. Select styles are already available for download.

3DX Media is one of the biggest CAD part libraries in the world offering 100+ million free 2D and 3D CAD models. Through 3DX Media, the Proco expansion joint standard products are available for download in various CAD formats such SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ProE and many other compatible CAD formats. Engineers will be able to download models of Proco’s Proco Style 231 Figure 1 Side Viewexpansion joint series for use in designing their piping schemes. This online catalog will prove to be a valuable tool/resource for learning more about the product lines provided by Proco. This comprehensive library will also offer technical design information for review and early implementation into your piping applications.

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