How Proco Preventive Maintenance Plant Surveys Prevent Downtime, Plant Failures, and Save Costs

A preventive maintenance program extends the life of and prevents failure of expansion joints. The result is system reliability and the protection of critical equipment and people, which allows for a smooth operation and cost savings.

Proco Products offers expansion joint surveys as a free service.

Proco can inspect every expansion joint in the facility and provide a detailed report, listing each joint with photos, age, condition, and remaining life. During the survey, Proco communicates with plant personnel, offering suggestions for better performance, reduced downtime, and longer expansion joint life. Proco’s experts use their practical experience and knowledge to help improve the overall reliability of the piping system with site-specific suggestions. For example, systems with temperature fluctuations may need to replace expansion joints more frequently, and Proco can recommend a suitable schedule and a list of recommended spares to prevent downtime.

With over 40 years’ experience in the field, Proco can help you to pre-empt issues before they become problems, preventing failures and optimizing expansion joint performance and life.

We can also educate employees on what to look for during the inspection, explain why and when a joint could fail and better understand troubleshooting, failure analysis and service life expectancy. Importantly you can learn more about expansion joint specification and determining where you may need personnel protection.


We recommend that you assess all expansion joints every few years. A Proco Expansion Joint Survey serves as a fact-finding mission for engineers, maintenance planners and maintenance technicians. All engineering and maintenance personnel can be involved in the overall assessment of expansion joints.

The Proco Expansion Joint Survey report includes:

  • Store maintenance list
  • Detailed reports with pictures
  • Quote on all expansion joints

Proco’s Preventive Maintenance Expansion Joint Surveys

  • Improve system reliability
  • Help you to avoid unplanned failures and outages
  • Maximise efficiency and reduce energy costs

A practical example of preventing a potential failure is where expansion joints correct a misalignment outside the design specification for the joint. The result is a loss of movement and stress on the joint and system that can lead to a premature failure. Our experts can spot potential problems and offer solutions such as an offset to extend the life of the joint.
We often see situations where a joint section is an unusual size, and in a replacement situation it can take time for a specialized joint to be available. With over $3M in inventory our team can often supply outsize items from stock and/or supply a high-quality regular size joint and a dedicated spacer to span the section resulting in a saving of time and money for future replacements.

The Value of Proco’s Expansion Joint Surveys In Developing a Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Catch problems before they happen
  • Streamline ordering replacements
  • Maintain efficient stocking
  • Use the store’s list to create a history of expansion joint life expectancy
  • Enjoy preferred pricing
  • Obtain top quality replacements when needed from stock – certifications include NSF/ANSI 61, NSF372, FDA Approval, ABS, Coast Guard Approval and CRN

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