Inventory Locations

Proco Products, Inc. maintains the most complete inventory of expansion joints in North America, providing products for industries such as Oil & Gas, Water and Waste Water, HVAC, and more. Proco’s highest priority is to continuously provide high quality products and superior service to companies operating in today’s demanding global marketplace – ensuring that customers receive what they need, when they need it. In order to accomplish this, Proco operates worldwide through a global agent and distribution network. This translates to providing the fastest and most efficient service to customers during all phases of a project, regardless of location.

Proco maintains three main warehouse inventory locations in North America:

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Inventory Locations

Stockton, California



Proco Products, Inc. is headquartered in Stockton, CA. This 20,2462 square feet of space houses our $2 million in inventory, executive offices, sales department and administrative staff.


Proco Corporate Headquarters
2431 North Wigwam Drive
Stockton, CA 95205