Series 260R 251BT Series 440 6201 Series 233-234L
Molded Wide Arch Expansion Joint Series 260R PTFE and FEP lined Rubber Expansion Joints Series 251/BT Molded PTFE Expansion Joints Series 440 Braided Flexible Metal Connectors Series 6201 Rubber Expansion Joint Style 233-234L
Series 500 Series RC&RE brochures Series 230 231 ET 240-242
Non-Metallic Flexible Fan Connectors Series 500 Rubber Expansion Joint Style RC & RE Rubber Expansion Joint Series 230 PTFE Lined Rubber Expansion Joints Series 231/ET Molded Spherical Joints Style 240/242
271 300   PenSeal Series 450
Rubber Expansion Joint Series 271 Flanged Rubber Pipe Connectors Series 300   Pipe Penetration Seals PenSeal Sleeve Type Pipe Connectors Series 450
ProFlex™ Rubber Check Valve Series 700        



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