The Benefits of Using Rubber Expansion Joints [Webinar]


On August 27th, Proco Products, Inc. hosted an informative webinar on the topic – “The Benefits of Using Rubber Expansion Joints”.  This LIVE webinar was presented by Proco North American Industrial Sales Managers, Eric Blazej & David Genna. The webinar covered what an expansion joint is and why you need them, criteria for selection, the different styles and certifications available based on application, best practices for maintenance and replacement and tools to make your job easier. 

Engineers, contractors, distributors, maintenance facility operators and more participated in this presentation and gained further insight into the importance of rubber expansion joints in piping systems. If you missed out on this exciting webinar, you can view the recorded presentation here:




Industrial Distribution Sales Manager



Eric Blazej – Eric, based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL has been an expansion joint salesman for over a decade, having originally sold rubber and stainless steel expansion joints for HVAC and plumbing systems. Eric has spent the past 4 years at Proco Products, Inc. focusing on Industrial applications.








David Genna – David, based out of Long Island, NY, recently joined the Proco family on April 1st, 2020. For five years prior, he held an outside sales position with The Mercer Rubber Company, an old-line expansion joint company in the Power/Process and Distribution industry. In his previous position, Dave called on distributors and end-users while working on projects with their agent base. In his new position, Dave works with Proco’s Power/Process, HVAC & Distribution Sales Agents.