ProFlex™ Style 730M

The ProFlex™ Style 730M is the most recent addition to the ProFlex™  line of rubber check valves. The Style 730M is a molded rubber
light weight check valve. This type of check valve is available ranging in sizes from 3/4” to 6” pipe diameter and can be directly mounted to the OD of schedule 40 pipe.

The complete size range is supplied with a ¾” -300 Stainless Steel Worm Gear clamp ready for quick set up and installation. Through its rubber bill, media will pass creating a low head loss valve, complete with a zero back flow feature. Its ability to prevent backflow into the mating pipe system is a quality aspect in “checking” pipes or tanks that often have problems with back flow problems. Best for odor control.

For more information about the features and benefits of the Proco ProFlex™ Style 730M rubber duckbill check valve, download our brochure.

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All Proco Series 700 ProFlex™ Rubber Check Valves are available in a various selection of elastomers including ANSI/NSF-61 certified product under UL Certification #MH47689. The Proco Series 700 ProFlex™ Rubber Check Valves will not freeze or deform and function solely on inlet and back pressures which will be present in each unique application.

Each valve is carefully constructed using the finest of materials engineered by some of the most experienced rubber technicians in the industry. All check valves are engineered with precise detail to ensure proper operation and will provide years of unhindered operation and trouble free service.

Available Styles & Materials

For Specific Elastomer Recommendations, See: PROCO "Chemical To Elastomer Guide"
PROCO Material Code Cover Elastomer Tube Elastomer Maximum Operating Temp. °F (°C)
BB Chlorobutyl Chlorobutyl 250 °F (121°C)
EE EPDM EPDM 250 °F (121°C)
NH Neoprene CSM 212 °F (100°C)
NN Neoprene Neoprene 225 °F (107°C)
NN-NSF61 Neoprene Neoprene 225 °F (107°C)
PP Nitrile Nitrile 212 °F (100°C)
NR Neoprene Natural Rubber 180 °F (82°C)


ProFlexTM is a trademark of PROCO Products, Inc.
All products are reinforced with polyester tire cord.
1. Styles with Neoprene covers meet all requirements of U.S.C.G
2.  NN-NSF/61 UL Classified Water Quality
3.  Other Materials available. Please contact Proco Products, Inc.

Inch / (mm)

Style 730M Standard Dimensions

lbs/ (kgs)

Cuff Width
Inch / (mm)

Inch / (mm)

Duckbill Height
Inch / (mm)

 0.75  (19)  1
1 (25) 1.25
 1.5 (40)  1.50
 2 (50)  1.50
 3 (80)  1.50
 4 (100) 2.00
 6 (150) 1.88

Due to the wide array of uses for the Proco ProFlex™ Style 730M rubber duckbill check valves, it is recommended that you download our Style 730M brochure to review the Frequently Asked Questions. This will ensure that you choose the proper style of check valve for your specific application.

If additional information is needed, please contact us directly.