ProFlex™ 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffuser

What is a Coarse Bubble Diffuser?

A Coarse Bubble Diffuser is a pollution control technology used to aerate or mix wastewater for effluent/sewage treatment. A coarse bubble diffuser wastewater unit produces 1/4 to 1/2 inch (6.4 to 13 mm) bubbles which rise rapidly from the floor of the treatment plant or sewage treatment plant tank. They are typically used in grit chambers, equalization basins, primary and secondary settling ponds, and many other areas where sediment settling is a concern.

Benefits of The ProFlex™ 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffuser

When the coarse bubble diffuser system is operational, the complete system is charged by an air blower or a compressor. This ensures the volume of air is always exiting the valves outlet, however, what happens when the air is suddenly missing, or a power failure occurs?

In other aeration systems, including fine bubble elastomeric design, the media can encounter a sudden backflow into the aeration manifold as well as the blower or air compressors internals. The ProFlex™ 730CBD coarse bubble diffuser, with its unique elastomeric duck bill design, is always in a 100% closed position and relies on static head to open. Thus, the instant there is an absence of inlet pressure the valve is closed bubble tight ensuring unwanted media does not flow back into the manifold.

With the ProFlex™ 730CBD diffuser design being an all-elastomeric construction, there is no concern for maintenance or costly down-time resulting in a perfect air bubble diffuser system, designed to provide long life features.

The ProFlex™ 730CBD coarse bubble diffuser also features a “Hex” 3/4 NPT SS nipple instead of a standard SS pipe nipple. This feature allows the owner/contractor a hassle-free install experience, ensuring a positive seal on the manifold without worry of breaking the adapter or the manifold’s inlet fitting.

EPDM or Neoprene is the most specified elastomer, and both offer superb flexibility along with long-life designed elastomers. (Other elastomers are available).

When to use a ProFlex™ 730CBD Coarse Bubble Diffuser

This coarse bubble diffuser design prevents backflow of media and fluids into the diffuser and manifold piping. Exiting airflow is designed to discharge towards the floor of the wastewater treatment chamber eliminating accumulation of solids. This in turn creates a complete overturn loop which ensures high mixing of the reservoir, once again resulting in minimal maintenance.

Another benefit is the economics of the ProFlex™ 730CBD coarse bubble diffuser design, with its simplistic yet engineered models, the customer can see huge savings over a more costly maintenance ridden design.

The ProFlex™ 730CBD design provides engineers with SCFM information for each orifice size allowing the Engineer / Municipality to design and implement their air pump/compressor flow data and engineer their own diffuser water treatment system – greatly lowering design costs, (see dia vs SCFM in the Technical Data tab)

Size Length Height Flow Range
1.5″ 7.75″ / 197 mm 3.5″ / 89 mm 0-12 scfm or 89.76 USGPM
2″ 875″ / 222 mm 4.5″ / 114 mm 0-18 scfm or 134.65 USGPM
3″ 9.5″ / 241 mm 6″ / 153 mm 0-24 scfm or 179.52 USGPM
4″  12″ / 305 mm 7.37″ / 188 mm 0-40 scfm or 246 USGPM
Coarse Bubble Diffuser / CBD Diffuser

Coarse Bubble Diffuser / CBD Diffuser