Proco Style 540

The Style 540 Ducting Flexible Connector is an economical, integrally flanged design, and is used primarily in applications which experience large movements.

The duct connector is manufactured in a W-design configuration, with a minimum of one to two plies of reinforced fabric that has been vulcanized into a homogeneous product. The finished thickness can be selected from 3/16”, 1/4”, or 3/8”.

The Style 540 is manufactured with a premolded arch, and flanges are an integral part of the expansion joint construction. The arch continues through the corner, and is fully developed when in the neutral position.

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Proco Style 540 Ducting
Nominal Body Thickness ElastomersRetaining Rings/Bars Linear/Foot
 ChlorobutylEPDM CSM®Neoprene/ CSM® NeopreneNeoprene/ Buna-NViton®
 1/4″ 1.6 1.6 1.8 1.8  3.5
 3/8″ 2.5 2.52.6 2.6
 6″ Face to Face9″ Face to Face 12″ Face to Face
 Axial Compression (Inches) Axial Extension (Inches)Lateral Offset (Inches) Axial Compression (Inches)Axial Extension (Inches)Lateral Offset (Inches) Axial Compression (Inches)Axial Extension (Inches)Lateral Offset (Inches)
1.5 .50 .75 2.0.75 1.53.751.02.5