Series 440 Molded PTFE Convoluted Expansion Joints

What is a convoluted PTFE expansion joint?

A convoluted PTFE expansion joint is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), a synthetic material known for its resistance to corrosion, heat, and chemicals. Convoluted expansion joints consist of a series of accordion-like pleats which allows the joint to expand and contract, absorbing movement in the pipe rather than transmitting stresses through the system. The PTFE convoluted lining offers far greater flexibility than a smoothbore equivalent and is useful where flexibility is a priority.

Convoluted PTFE expansion joints offer advantages over other types of expansion joints, including:

  • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals with high temperature tolerance.
  • Absorption of pipe movements and stress including fluid noise, water hammer and pump impulses.
  • Reduced system noise.
  • Reduced mechanical vibration.
  • Compensating alignment and offset.
  • Eliminating electrolysis.
  • Protecting against start-up / surge forces.

Convoluted PTFE expansion joints are used in a variety of applications where there is a need to resist corrosion or chemicals whilst accommodating movement in a pipe, for example:

  • Chemical and petrochemical processes.
  • Industrial process piping systems.
  • Power generation plants.
  • Pulp / paper plants.
  • Water / wastewater, sewage and pollution control systems where metallic joints/lap joints or PTFE and FEP-lined rubber expansion joints may have been previously specified.

Typical equipment where convoluted PTFE expansion joints can be specified include absorption machines, blowers, chillers, fans, graphite heat exchangers, glass lined vessels, pumps, alloy / plastic or glass lined piping systems.

PROCO Series 440 PTFE expansion joints are an ideal replacement for sound transmitting metallic / lap joints and are available in 2, 3, and 5 convolutions, all easy to install and offering a long service life. Each convoluted expansion joint profile offers different overall lengths (face-to-face dimensions), movements, pressure and temperature ratings to fit the required specification.

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