PTFE Expansion Joints

Our PTFE expansion joints are made from the synthetic material Polytetrafluoroethylene, the non reactive material is widely used in pipelines within the chemical manufacturing industry, acting as a protective agent against corrosive substances. Proco’s molded PTFE expansion joints are specially to designed to protect pipes which come in contact with strong industrial and reactive materials.

These PTFE expansion joints are used in industries such as chemical-petrochemical, industrial process piping systems, power generation plants, pulp/paper plants, water and wastewater sewage, and pollution control systems.

Where metallic joints, lap joints, or PTFE and FEP-lined rubber expansion joints were previously used, our convoluted PTFE expansion joints can replace these. PTFE convoluted expansion joints are an excellent solution to absorb pipe-wall and fluid-borne noise – pipe wall sound loses energy and is absorbed as the noise carried by the piping enters and exits the PTFE section. Fluid-borne noise is absorbed by the volumetric expansion (breathing of the connector). This action cushions water hammer and smoothes out pumping impulses.

The convoluted PTFE design reduces system stress and strain. Whilst these expansion joints are normally installed horizontally, vertical and perpendicular installations are acceptable as these convoluted PTFE expansion joints will accept axial, lateral and angular movements as well as vibration.

PROCO is a leading manufacturer of PTFE expansion joints which automatically self-correct misalignment created by structural movements including settling, pipe expansion or ground shifts.

Take a look at our PTFE Expansion Joints below.

Our PTFE Expansion Joints