Expansion Joints

Proco Products are leading expansion joint manufacturers with an extensive inventory of expansion joints for piping and ducting systems. Our movement expansion joints are manufactured to have the ability to protect your equipment against a variety of stressors while also being low maintenance and durable for maximum efficiency. Proco Products manufacture expansion joints for industrial and commercial installations using pumping, piping or ducting which requires expansion or movement joints to deal with thermal expansion, vibration or ground movement. With a variety of designs in rubber, stainless steel or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), our high-performance expansion joints ensure safe and reliable operations supporting system integrity, mitigating fatigue and reducing maintenance downtime.

Check out our extensive range of expansion joints below.

Our Expansion Joints

  • Rubber Expansion Joints

    Proco rubber expansion joints offer inherent flexibility and strength designed to meet the most challenging temperature / pressure requirements. Known for their capability to withstand extreme environments, our rubber expansion joints are commonly found in harsh applications such as water and wastewater, pulp and paper, chemical processing, mining, metals and pumping applications.

  • PTFE Expansion Joints

    Our PTFE expansion joints have advantageous properties for the chemicals processing industry to protect against corrosive substances. As a non-reactive synthetic material, Polytetrafluoroethylene creates high performing expansion joints that perform within extreme industrial environments.

  • Ducting Expansion Joints

    Our expansion joints use a combination of rubber and fabric reinforcement to add flexibility to industrial ducting systems / fan connections. Ducting expansion joints are strengthened with vulcanized reinforced fabric to withstand large movements and isolate vibration and noise.

  • Braided Pipe Connectors

    Our high-quality braided pipe connectors are built of stainless steel designed to control pump vibration, reduce noise, relieve stress and mitigate misalignment. Proco braided pipe connectors are ideal for higher temperature applications and require no control units or tie rods. We manufacture a variety of male and female braided connectors including carbon steel flanges, stainless steel flanges or copper ends.

  • Other Rubber Products

    Our flanged rubber pipe connectors are made for tough, demanding applications; our durable rubber sleeve type pipe connectors are constructed of nylon reinforced neoprene rubber for use near mechanical equipment piping systems. Our rubber and PTFE low torque gaskets are specifically designed with dual, concentric, convex molded sealing rings which allow easy sealing for both gases and liquids.

  • Pipe Penetration Seal

    When you need a robust gas or watertight pipe penetration seal, Proco pipe penetration seals are tested to withstand up to 20 psig or 40 feet of head pressure and temperatures up to 250 °F. Our pipe penetration seals create an efficient, effective, and low-cost seal for pipes passing through walls, floors, tanks etc. Simple to fit, slide the pipe pen seal into position and tighten.