Series 700 ProFlex™ Rubber Check Valve

The Series 700 ProFlex™ Rubber Check Valves from Proco Products, Inc.  are specifically designed for use in sewage treatment plants, outfalls, and tidal operations. They’re a cost-effective solution for controlling back pressures, and are a fully passive flow device, requiring no maintenance, no outside power sources or manual assistance to operate.

The Series 700 ProFlex™ rubber check valves are recommended as direct replacements for ineffective, maintenance-ridden flap type check valves, which are commonly known to seize, rust, or bind in unwanted positions. The Series 700 ProFlex™ rubber duckbill check valves provide backflow protection from occurrences including:

  • Sewage slurries
  • Outfalls to ocean fronts from heavy rainfall activity
  • Land erosion due to back flow conditions
  • Invasion of saltwater to freshwater pond

*All check valves have been fully tested at an accredited flow laboratory and flow charts are available upon request.

ProFlex™ Styles 711/731

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