Making the right choice with duckbill check valves

Low-cost components like check valves can make a huge difference to a major installation if the wrong specification or choices are made. Make sure you make the right decision on check valves for your application. Inspired by nature, the duckbill valve is a simple check or one-way valve that is formed from a flexible material Continue reading

Checking the Stormwater Backflow Challenge

Controlling stormwater is a growing challenge for utilities and municipal authorities as they look to mitigate the economic and health impacts of excess water. Choosing the right check valve is a key part of the stormwater solution. For water utilities and municipal authorities, stormwater management is a growing challenge. Changing weather patterns as a result Continue reading

How to optimize offshore pump performance and reliability

Asset reliability and performance are the two most important factors for the oil and gas sector but as processes change and equipment ages, optimizing uptime can become a greater challenge. Changes to pump performance may be required for a number of reasons. For instance, refineries looking to increase production will examine the assets involved and Continue reading

Pumps that thrive under pressure

The evolution of hydraulic transmission technology in the pressure pumping market. Fracking technology is driving transformation of North American energy production capabilities. Since 2005, most of the increase in domestic natural gas production resulted from ongoing development of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology. Producers developed more efficient ways to extract gas and crude oil Continue reading