Connecting Spherical-Type Expansion Joints to Butterfly and/or Wafer Valves

Connecting spherical-type expansion joints to butterfly valves and/or wafer check valves can lead to damage or premature failure of your expansion joints. Proco Products, Inc. recommends installing spherical-type expansion joints against flat face flanges when at all possible.  A butterfly valve disc may come in contact with the I.D. of the mating spherical expansion joint Continue reading

Tips for Inspecting Expansion Joints in Marine Applications

Author: Patrick Booth, Proco Products, Inc. Date of Publication: April 17,2017 Published Online: Wherever there are pumping systems, there are expansion joints. Expansion joints are used in many marine applications, including but not limited to ballast systems, circulating engine water and main propulsion engines. Marine and aquatic conditions are unique require equipment that can Continue reading