Expansion Joints Expanded My Horizon

Author: Rob Coffee, Vice President – Sales & Marketing I like to joke that I’ve been in the expansion joint business since I was 5 years old. That’s how old I was when I saw my first expansion joints. In 1968, my father went to work for a company that manufactured metal bellows, and so Continue reading

Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself!

Authors: Mike Lassas, Vice President – Administration & Cal Hayes, General Manager, WaterWorks Division Calm down, Ice Cube fans, we’re talking about check valves today and the important role they play in a piping system. For those who might not realize the critical purpose they serve, let’s discuss how NOT using a check valve can Continue reading

Considerations When Shopping for Expansion Joints

Expansion joints can be found in most fluid pumping systems. They are commonly installed in the piping network near a pump or valve and provide value by isolating rotating equipment from thermal growth. When pipes grow, expansion joints compensate for thermal growth in the pipe system. This helps prevent stress from being transferred to a Continue reading

3 Tips for Being Customer-Focused

We’re seeing a shift in the pump industry where companies are trying to become more “in tune” with their customers. Being customer-focused means understanding end users’ pain points, developing products and services that meet customer needs, and then educating the industry about the solutions that are available to address these issues. If you are a Continue reading